I have an academic background in biology and environmental engineering. Recently, I have been learning some Python and JavaScript, focusing mainly on web development. I enjoy creating things using these two languages, which seem capable of building just about anything.

My other interests include economics, public health and life sciences research. I’ll write about some of these topics when I know enough to be competent, otherwise I’ll stick to summarizing the views of others.


I’m mostly familiar with Python and Flask for web development and JavaScript on the frontend. I also enjoy asking questions and trying to answer them with data, using tools like Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, D3.js, and Beautiful Soup.

A simple, stateless password manager built with JavaScript. [source, demo]
Jupyter Notebooks
I have a number of notebooks outlining my data projects here: [source]
Some of the interactive visualizations I’ve build with D3.js: [demo]
React Todo
A simple todo app written with React, Node, Express and Ajax. [source, demo]
A JavaScript module for rendering Jupyter Notebooks as HTML. [source, demo]